Meet the TOWN CRIER on Heritage Day held at Caboolture Historical Village 2016


you are all invited to attend the parade of our birth of the National Flag and celebrate 150 years of cadets, what a morning it will be. Free admission a saving of $15 per person plus seeing a passing parade of the past and future. Plus Free morning tea for all plus you can enjoy visiting all of the stores. My favourite is everything but there is one store with the operator named Connie a few tips humbugs, Rosey Apples, musk sticks, Choo Choo bars.


Great Reference from Bob Whitehouse to Mike

To whom it may concern,
Each year, for the last ten years, The 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop & Military Museum Association has been heavily involved in the planning and conduct of the “Australian National Flag Day” celebrations for the Caboolture Historical Village. I wish to advise that for the “2016 Australian National Flag Day / Cadets 150 Double Celebration Event” Mike McHutchison was engaged by the Association to fill the role of Town Crier.
To say that Mike fulfilled this role is an understatement. In a large parade on the day which featured some 48 participating groups (which equated to some 450 people), the Town Crier [Mike McHutchison] was expected to lead the parade advising the spectators that a spectacular parade was following. Mike fulfilled this role beyond all expectations ---- whipping up enthusiasm and excitement so that by the time the initial parade participants arrived, the scene was already set with everybody in a great state of mind with much hilarity, clapping and cheering.
I have no hesitation in recommending Mike McHutchison for any “Town Crier type position” for which he may apply.
Yours faithfully,
Bob Whitehouse. 05/09/2016

Bob Whitehouse ( Chair Australian National Flag Subcommittee, Chair Former A.D.F. Cadets Subcommittee of The 11th Light Horse Caboolture Troop & Military Museum Association Inc. )

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