Meet the Town Crier Blessing of the Surf at WOORIM

Mike will be MCing at Woorim Beach early morning, Family fun all morning Music, Games and much more. So come along. 26 November 2016 BRING YOUR SURF GEAR WOOHOO!

What a lovely letter I received from the Event Coordinator

1st December, 2016

Dear Mike

I wish to personally thank you for your support of the Blessing of the Surf Woorim Beach. Your role is a critical part of the event and you delivered it in a very efficient and thoughtful way. With such a positive input from the community and the community’s representatives this event will continue to be successful and grow. This year’s event was our best yet and we are hoping that next year’s event will be an even greater success.

As the event grows more and more people will attend and hence ensure even more future growth. We would be very appreciative of your continuing support of the event in 2017.

Once again, on behalf of the citizens and community of Woorim Beach and the people who were present and supported the event on the day, I wish to thank you for your contribution.

Kind Regards,
Gary Kuss
Event Coordinator

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