References From My Customers

We recently sold our house and an investment property and were delighted with both the result and with our agent. Mike was extremely professional and handled every aspect of the sale with the utmost care and attention. Mike went above and beyond what we expect from an agent in ensuring that property was shown off to best advantage and promoting the property in innovative ways. Best of all, the sale was completed quickly and hassle-free and achieved the price we were hoping for. Thank you Mike
最近,我们委托代理商迈克卖出我们的一套自住房和一套投资房。我们对代理商迈克的杰出表现和卖房结果非常满意。迈克是一个非常专业并细心的代理。他以极大的热情重视销售的每一个环节。在售房准备过程中迈克不厌其烦地帮助我们检查房屋的每一细节, 并亲自动手修理一些不尽人意的地方以确保物业以最佳状况展现给买家。最重要的是,两个物业都在最短时间内销售出去,免去了我们很多烦劳,而且,销售价格也达到了我们的期望值。谢谢迈克。